Reflection & Dialogue: The greatness of Mary living with the mystery that was her Son

During the Christmas season attention has been centred on Jesus, on his birth and the joy of the occasion proclaimed by the angels. On this solemnity, the octave of Christmas, the Church devotes special attention to Mary, Jesus’ Mother, the Holy Mother of God. Mary herself proclaimed her humility. She magnified the Lord for he had looked with favour on the lowliness of his handmaid. Her cousin Elizabeth declared her blessed among women, blessed because she believed. The woman in the crowd declared blessed the womb that bore Jesus. She was blessed at the Annunciation and at the birth of the redeemer of the human race, who was born of a woman. She treasured in her heart what was told her about her Son, and the words spoken to her by her Son which she did not understand. She lived, rejoiced, suffered and rejoiced with the mystery that was her Son. She is the model of the true believer, a model for all believers.

(For reflections on the Sunday and Feast Day readings see Martin McNamara, Sunday Readings with Matthew: Interpretations and Reflections, Dublin, Veritas, 2016)

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