Reflection The Bible in Dialogue with Questions of the Day

Dialogue: God’s Dream/Vision for the human race

Today we understand the evocative power of words concerning a dream. The four simple words “I have a dream” have changed the course of a nation’s social history. We remember Patrick Pearse’s words on the dream that he dreamed in his heart, and his desire that this should come true, with a life in the world of space and time, among the bulks of actual things. Today’s readings invite us to reflect on the dream within God’s heart, and revealed on various occasions, and in an ongoing way in Christ and in the Church. Divine wisdom in a variety ways had addressed humans directly, calling on them to follows the voice of Lady Wisdom and avoid the deceitful calls of Lady Folly. This divine vision has come through Jesus Christ, creator of the universe. In him have come grace and truth.

This is not just any dream. It is a divine dream, and as such a sacramental dream, with the divine power for true believers to have it receive life in the world of time and space, among the bulks of actual things. That is what today’s reading from Ephesians calls on believers to do. But being a sacramental dream, it calls for deep reflection and prayer, for souls filled with a spirit of wisdom and perception of this great mystery.

Our world today has need of a dream, of a new vision. Believers would do well to reflect on the Christian vision, as revealed in Christ, as put before us in today’s readings. How give it life in the actual world is a matter for reflection.

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